What exactly is www.sexyjobs.ch?
www.sexyjobs.ch is the ultimate platform for all those, who are looking or offering a job in the erotic business.

What is the difference between seeking a job and offering a job?
Men and women, who are interested to work in the erotic business, place a job offer on our page. Operators, service providers and other job providers have the possibility to make a job offer on our page.

How can I place a job offer?
You can send us your advertisement (picture and text) via email: info@sexyjobs.ch.

What can I publish in a job request?
In general, you can list everything, which you feel is important in your application. However, you are not allowed to make advertisement for someone else and your advertisement has to be closely related to the job request. Furthermore, your contribution must not be against the law. We reserve the right to; reject job requests, to delete or to edit them.

How long will my advertisement be listed on your page?
Your job request has a duration of 1 month. After this time the advertisement is automatically switched inactive.

How can I change or delete my job request?

You cannot change your job request by yourself. The definite cancellation or modification of your job request can just be carried out by us, in relation to prevent abuse of your personal information. If you wish to delete your job request, please send an email to: info@sexyjobs.ch. Please do not forget to give us the number and the password of your advertisement, because without number and password no processing is possible.

How much does it cost to place a job request?

The placement of a job request is free of charge. We finance our services thanks to job providers, who have to pay for the access.

What requirements must I fulfil to work in the exciting erotic business?
The requirements for working in the erotic business depend, of course, on the activity. Because we only operate as an agent, only the job providers decide whether you are the right person for the occupation or not.

I have not found the answers to my questions on this page.
You can always reach us via email: info@sexyjobs.ch or you can contact our Service- Team by sending your questions by filling out our form.
We are looking forward to reading from you and to help you.