Terms & Conditions

1. Contracting Party and Object of Agreement

According to the contract, sexyjobs.ch, subsequently also called service provider, has to generate a provision of a service, which are located in the field of eroticism.

2. Conclusion of the contract

The contract comes into effect when the original has been signed and sent back. In general, all revisions and amendments of the contract require being in written form and have to be signed by both parties. Concerning the conclusion of the contract, the order transaction, and the pricing, only these exclusive AGBs come into operation.

3. Services

The service provider offers the services itemised on the page www.sexyjobs.ch . The service provider is bound to publish the job offerings of the clients in the internet. Within the scope of cooperation, the service provider is justified to publish some or all of the advertised offerings of services on partner sites in order to advance the site's degree of popularity. As long as the customer hasn't required the deletion respectively the deactivation of the advertisement of a service offer, it is regarded as an actual offer. Thus, as long as the service offer is accessible on the internet server, it is regarded as an actual offer. We can not provide for a preclusion of competing firms.

4. Agreement Payment Term

The client has to pay the price, as provided in the contract within the period of time stated on the bill. The prices, published on sexyjobs.ch after conclusion of contract, will be authoritative. For individual services, the prices will be discussed within the two parties involved. By the agreement of paragraph 5, all the accessory charges of the common scope are included. Editorial costs and costs of revision, caused by an inaccurate data transfer are not included. As soon as accessory charges of individual assignments go beyond the common scope, the service provider will inform the client. In case of having agreed to those costs, the customer is obliged to compensate the accessory charges. The general corrections, respectively the modifications of the provision of service after its completion are free of charges. In other respects, the listed regulations come into effect, especially concerning consultancy, design, and programming. Inasmuch as sexyjobs.ch has to represent inadequate demonstrations of services, the corrections, to bring the demonstration to perfection, will be conducted for free. However, these conditions only come into effect, when technically feasible. The payment has to be accomplished after the first supply of a service, at the latest after 4 weeks after the conclusion of a contract. The term of payment ends after 14 days after the receipt of the bill. In case of default of payment or moratorium, interests in the amount of 5%, as well as costs for potential collections will be charged. In case of default of payment sexyjobs.ch has the competence to postpone the accomplishment of any requirements of the contract until the payment has been accomplished completely. In addition to the pricings, regularised value added taxes must be paid.

5. legal Foundations for Collaboration

The service provider endeavours to optimise the reflux, the quantity and quality of the available requests for the customer. Furthermore, this includes the agreement with the cooperation in the online sector. The client agrees with the publishing of his own publications on the site of sexyjobs.ch on other cooperating areas - this will also be possible without any previous consultation. The client commits to work on the applications for employment that are targeted at him in an adequate space of time. The client commits to accord all the information and documents that are needed for the achievement of all the appropriate and necessary targets described in the contract. For that purpose the client should also inform about commissioned offers that are not effective anymore. If the client does not meet the demands, sexyjobs.ch will be exempt from the obligations described in ß3. sexyjobs.ch reserves the right to eliminate mandates that are not in accordance with the standard of the service supplier at any time. This case comes into effect when the data put online contravene any lawful prohibitions or any moralities, respectively when the publication is unacceptable for sexyjobs.ch. In such a case, the client does not have any entitlement to damages and no right to refund. sexyjobs.ch does not accept responsibility for any data, advertising copies, or storage media. In particular, they are not obliged to keep them or give them back to clients.

6. Guarantee

sexyjobs.ch remedies malfunctions, which are located in their sphere of control. They do this within a reasonable period of time. Advanced guarantee claims are excluded. In particular, the service provider does not offer any guarantee for information contained in product description or specifications. The service provider does not compensate for errors and interruptions. The service provider does not safeguard any compatibility of the hard- or software's performance belonging to the client.

7. Copy Right

By the time of accomplishment, sexyjob.ch will get the right of property of all the work results emerging from the accomplishment of this contract, whether registrable or not, and the corresponding documents. Whether neither the client's payment, nor the service provider's presentation of the results in the internet will cause an assignation of the exploitation and copy rights. The rights emerging of the work results remain the rights of sexyjobs.ch without any time limit or limit of content - concerning all the exploitation methods. All the work results and information published by the service provider are liable to the copy right of sexyjobs.ch. Only those work results, which were accomplished from customers or a third party and which have been taken over and published by the internet without any modifications are excluded from these regulations. sexyjobs.ch is free from any compulsory safekeeping.

8. Liability

The service provider is obliged to provide an accurate and contractual supply of services for the customer. Those services result from the individual form the customer filled out. The service provider assumes no liability for the design. The service provider only assumes liability in case of default and culpable negligence: Any further legal liability, which goes beyond the scope of what is legally acceptable, is excluded. Liability for any damage (inclusively indirect damages and consequential damages) in cases of force majeure, stoppage, and malfunctions, which belong into the field of responsibility of other companies and / or network operators, is excluded. To the extent to which a liability may be applicable, the liability is confined to the verified damage and it is confined to a maximum of the total order value. As far as lawfully acceptable, the service provider excludes any liability concerning the contract or potential damages. In particular, the service provider is not liable for client's contents and data, which has been deleted due to a termination of contract or a refused renewal of the agreement. Similarly, the provider is not liable for illegal actions executed by the users facing the clients. The client is responsible for all the disadvantages, which emerge from the violation of the contract's regulations for the service provider. The client is free of all the claims of third parties raised towards the service provider concerning reputed violation of intellectual properties or other rights. sexyjobs.ch is not liable towards the client for a minimum number or minimum quality of application.

9. Duration of the Contract and coming into Effect

This contract comes into effect after having been signed by the client under the terms described above. The contract ends after the date named in the contract respectively after the duration as agreed. Contracts can only be closed for certain duration of a maximum of 12 months. Concerning contracts with duration of 1 to 3 months, the following rule comes into effect: If the date of cancellation was not stipulated at the time of conclusion of the contract, the duration will be extended for another month automatically. Without prejudice, at the end of every month the contract can be recalled for the month after the next.

10. Final Clause

Modifications of contracted arrangements or additional agreements only come into effect when agreed in written form. Modifications of the client's lawful circumstances have no influence on the contract. The contract is obligatory during the whole term of contract for both parties. A potential invalidity of the contractual provisions does not influence the effectiveness of the remaining contract. The contractual relationship between the parties subordinates to Swiss law. Place of fulfilment and court of jurisdiction is located in Walchwil.